The KingAsterisk Technologies VoIP billing software is built using 100% multi-threaded C++ code, making it a high performance billing engine that can handle millions of calls.
Fax For Asterisk provides two components: res_fax and res_fax_digium. Res_fax is an Asterisk resource module that adds fax termination and origination functionality in Asterisk.
Multi-tenant IP PBX Solution - Kingasterisk is a perfect Solution for businesses with multiple offices and VoIP service providers.
Kingasterisk provides VoIPLine Telecom offers call centre VoIP solutions to match the requirements of any call centre business in United kingdom. Start your Cloud Call Centre today.
IPPBX. A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a small telephone switch. An IP PBX is simply a PBX which supports VoIP.
Voice broadcasting is a service which allows you to instantly send phone calls with some prerecorded message to an array of numbers automatically. Usually it is used to send alerts, notifications, reminders, political campaign calls, interactive polls or surveys.
Our VoIP based click to call system will connect you with your visitors in real time. Live calls can be generated from website, email, blogs, wikis or videos.
Telemarketing for SMEs Employing the services of a telemarketing agency can provide SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) with a good way of targeting potential new customers.